About Mustard flower natural honey and its Benefits

Honey is a beneficial food. Nothing to say about its sweet quality. Honey is a wonderful blessing given by God to humans. The quality of honey is immense in protecting health and curing all diseases. It is a tonic, delicious and delicious food extract as well as a healing recipe. And so, since ancient times, the extract, which is rich in nutrients in both food and medicine, has been used with great interest by people of all countries as a “nutritious and energizing” drink. Sugar is the main ingredient in honey. Many of us avoid sugar. But glucose and fructose in honey are directly metabolized and not stored as fat. The examination of honey samples at Moscow University showed that it contains aluminum, boron, chromium, copper, lead, tin, zinc and organic acids (such as malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid and oxalic acid), some vitamins, proteins, hormones, acetyl Contains other nutrients besides choline, antibiotics, phytoncides, cytostatic and water (20-22%). Vitamins such as vitamin C or ascorbic acid, vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, vitamin-E, vitamin-K, vitamin-A or carotene etc. exist. Honey is a medicine that has antiseptic, anti-cholesterol and anti-bacterial properties. Take two teaspoonful’s of honey in the palm of your right hand and lick it every morning and afternoon on an empty stomach. Benefits of regular and moderate consumption of honey.

Image: Some Important facts of mustard honey

Benefits of Honey

  1. Prevents heart disease. Aids blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and increases cardiac function;
  2. Increases immunity;
  3. Cleans and strengthens teeth;
  4. Improves eyesight and memory;
  5. Honey has antioxidant power, which protects the body from various injuries;
  6. Antioxidants prevent cancer and protect cells from free radical damage;
  7. Old age comes too late;
  8. The calories in honey increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in blood clotting;
  9. For those who suffer more from anemia, especially women, regular consumption of honey is very beneficial;
  10. Regulates glycogen levels;
  11. Beneficial in intestinal diseases. A single use of honey is beneficial for various stomach disorders;
  12. Beneficial for ulcers and gastric diseases;
  13. Very useful for decomposing ulcers in the mouth of weak children;
  14. Helps control various body secretions and increases warmth;
  15. Vitamin-B complex and calcium-rich honey strengthens nerves and brain tissue;
  16. Honey plays a unique role in hair and skin maintenance as it contains starch digestion enzymes and minerals;
  17. Honey relieves constipation;
  18. Increases appetite, digestion and appetite;
  19. Purifies the blood;
  20. strengthens the body and lungs;
  21. Removes tongue stiffness;
  22. Honey removes bad breath;
  23. Relieves arthritis pain;
  24. Relieves headache;
  25. Increases children’s body shape and weight;
  26. Especially beneficial in sore throat, cough-asthma and colds;
  27. If children get used to eating a small amount of honey every day, they will not get cold, cold, fever etc. easily;
  28. Eliminates physical weakness and prolongs energy;
  29. Increases strength of exercisers;
  30. Honey increases body temperature when consumed, resulting in healthy, refreshed and functional body.

About Mustard flower natural honey

The best honey flower is mustard. Mobile honey is collected artificially by placing honey boxes next to mustard fields. Currently mustard flower honey is the most widely distributed. Sandi Saradekar collects mustard flower honey from experienced and renowned beekeepers for its taste, uniqueness and quality.

6 properties of mustard flower natural honey:

  • Fresh honey is usually Extra Light Amber in color. But after a few days it turns white due to freezing.
  • Mustard honey is highly preferred by some and disliked by others.
  • The scent is very similar to that of mustard flowers.
  • Honey concentration may be less or more.
  • If the honey is diluted, foam appears. And even though the concentration is high, mustard honey can sometimes foam a little.
  • Mustard flower honey whether thick or thin – it accumulates throughout the year. Depending on thickness and temperature, whole honey or most of the honey will turn white. This looks like a cream.
Mustard Flower Honey is good for Health
Image: Mustard Flower Honey

Mustard flower honey collection Time:

Honey collection time of mustard flower in Bangladesh is usually from November to December. When mustard flowers start blooming in abundance in the field, Honey farmers place their Honey boxes next to the mustard field. Then, as soon as the flowers grow, the bees collect honey from that area and store it in their hives. This is how pure natural mustard flower honey is made.

Mustard flower honey frothy:

The natural honey of mustard flowers is often foamy. Seeing this, a common honey buyer doubts the authenticity of the honey. But this suspicion is not entirely correct. Below is its explanation:

Mustard flower natural honey contains active enzymes, proteins and amino acids. And honey is a carbohydrate containing glucose and fructose. And glucose and fructose – composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Mustard flowers for this If the moisture content of natural raw honey is high, i.e. the density of the honey is low or the honey is thin and if the honey is shaken, then the chemical reaction in the honey produces carbon dioxide. This creates air bubbles in the honey and at the same time the honey appears foamy and may contain gas inside the container, causing the plastic bottle to swell slightly. The point to be noted is that the foam will be more or less depending on the amount of moisture. However, even if the mustard honey is very thick, there is still a little foam. If foam is formed in honey, if it is kept still for a while, the foam will turn into honey again. There will be no harm or problem in the honey.

image: Mustard flower


Here, we have tried to explain the main points as easily as possible. Still, if you find it difficult to understand after reading it once, you can read it two or three times. Then you will be able to understand better.

We think, the information given in this blog post can be well mastered by any honey buyer. Then no adulterous trader or fraudster will be able to give him adulterated or artificial honey calling it genuine mustard flower honey.

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