Some important hints to keep health good and avoid cancer

No one should die of cancer, except for prostitution, said Dr. Gupta
image: Avoid Sugar to keep yourself good
(1) The first step is to stop eating sugar, without sugar in the body, cancer cells will die naturally.
(2) Step 2 is to mix a whole lemon with a cup of warm water and drink it about 1-3 months before the meal and the cancer ends, research from the Medical College of Maryland says it is 1000 times better than chemotherapy.
(3) Step 3, drink 3 spoons of organic coconut oil in the morning and at night, the cancer will disappear, you can choose these two treatments by avoiding sugar. Ignorance is no excuse. I have been sharing it for over 5 years. Tell everyone around you. God bless you.
Image: Drink organic coconut oil
Dr. Guruprasad Reddy BV, BJR State Medical University Moscow, Russia.
I encourage those who receive this bulletin to pass it on to the next ten people, surely a life will be saved. I have completed my part, I hope you can help to complete it.
  • Drinking hot lemonade can prevent cancer. Do not add sugar to it. Hot lemonade is better than cold water.
  • Yellow and purple sweet potatoes have excellent anti-cancer properties.
Yellow and purple sweet potatoes have excellent anti-cancer
Image: Yellow and purple sweet potatoes have excellent anti-cancer
  1. Eating frequently at night increases the risk of stomach cancer.
  2. Do not eat more than 4 eggs a week.
  3. Eating chicken can cause stomach cancer.
  4. Never eat fruit after eating. Fruit should be eaten before eating.
  5. Do not drink tea during menstruation.
  6. Eat less bean juice without adding sugar or eggs to bean juice.
  7. Tomatoes should never be eaten on an empty stomach.
  8. Drink a glass of plain water every morning before meals to stop urinary tract infections.
  9. No food 3 hours before bedtime.
  10. Drink less or avoid alcohol without nutrition but can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure.
  11. Do not eat bread when it is baked or hot from the oven.
  12. Never charge your phone or device while sleeping.
  13. Drink 10 cups of water daily to prevent bladder cancer.
  14. Drink more water during the day and less at night.
  15. Do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, it can cause insomnia and diarrhea.
  16. Eat less carbohydrate. It takes 5-7 hours to dissolve and feel tired.
  17. Eat a little after 5 hours.
  18. Six mind-boosting foods: bananas, oranges, kale, pumpkin, peaches.
  19. If you sleep less than 8 hours a day, brain function becomes weak. We can keep beauty young in half an hour.
  20. Ripe tomatoes have better healing properties than raw tomatoes.
  21. Avoid smoking and bad diet to keep your health good.
Hot lemonade destroys cancer cells
Image: Hot lemonade destroys cancer cells
  • Hot lemonade can preserve health and prolong life! Hot lemonade destroys cancer cells. Add hot water to 2-3 lemon slices. Make it a daily drink. Bitterness of lemon juice is the best ingredient to destroy cancer cells. Ice cold lemonade contains vitamin C, no preservatives on hand. Hot lemon juice can regulate muscle growth. Clinical trials have shown that hot lemonade is effective. This type of lemon extract therapy only destroys cells, it does not affect healthy cells. Lately The citric acid and lemon polyphenols in lemon juice help lower high blood pressure by preventing deep vein thrombosis, strengthening circulation, and helping to reduce blood clots.
No matter how busy you are, please take the time to read this article and spread the love. Spread the love by sharing with others after reading! Take good care of your health!

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