In our daily life we are affected by various types of pain in the body. Different types of pain can be a symptom of different diseases. So don’t ignore any mild pain. Today we will learn about eight such pains that should be alerted immediately.

1) Sudden onset of severe headache may indicate a brain aneurysm. If it worsens, your blood vessel may burst. This can lead to stroke or bleeding in the brain.

2) If you have a toothache after eating something cold, you will know that your tooth enamel has been damaged. Consult a dentist if you experience toothache and tingling.

3) If you experience pain or numbness in your fingers, hands, palms and wrists, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. If you don’t seek medical attention quickly, your hand muscles can dry out and the hand can be permanently paralyzed.

4) Chest pain is one of the symptoms of heart attack. This means your blood has trouble getting oxygen. This chest pain can also spread to your chest, shoulders and throat. Don’t ignore this pain.

5) Middle back pain accompanied by fever and chills can be a sign of kidney infection. If left untreated, this infection can lead to bleeding in the kidneys.

6) Pain starting from the waist may spread towards the legs – this pain is called sciatica. This pain is caused by pressure on the sciatic tissue of the leg. If you have trouble urinating along with this pain, it could be a sign of a rare condition called cauda equina syndrome. Which can leave you permanently paralyzed.

7) If you have pain under the right side of your head along with fever, chills or nausea, you can assume you have appendicitis. Run for surgery without delay. Or you may face death from a burst appendix.

8) Your toenails can get stuck for some reason. But if it is accompanied by inflammation, swelling, then you may have a harmful blood clot in your body. If such symptoms appear, talk to the doctor and get an ultrasonogram.

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