Are you thinking of making it big in blogging, but don’t know what to write about? Here are the best niches for starting your own blog.

Blogging allows you to be your own boss, work from anywhere, make up your schedule, and have several other benefits. By choosing the right niche in blogging, you will be able to create content that excites you the most and is engaging for your audience at the same time. The good news is that you can find the niche that matches your skill set and interests with plenty of available options. Let’s take a look at the best niches to kickstart your blogging career. Creating a blog has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. However, just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially for beginners. In order to succeed as a blogger, you’ll first need to know what the most profitable blog niches are.

Fortunately, there are plenty of blog topics you can explore. Once you find a niche that meets your interests and supports your skillset, you can start delivering high-quality articles and monetizing your content.

In this post, we’ll explore 18 best blog niches, and offer some tips to help you get started. Let’s dive right in!

1. Technology: 

With the new and emerging technology trends, billions of people love reading tech blogs. If you’re a tech-enthusiast and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in technology, choosing this niche would be perfect for you.

You can share your expertise in the same and explain the latest tech to beginners through tutorials, guides, and more. Moreover, you can choose to write product reviews of new gadgets, including mobile phones, laptops, and accessories you have purchased.

Image: Technology

2. Health and Wellness:

Health and wellness is another profitable niche you can choose to get your fitness ideas to reach a broader audience. Due to the pandemic, people have become more aware of the importance of health in their lives, leading them to seek fitness tips. Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, with many people having no option but to exercise at home. However, studies have shown that nine in ten Americans who exercise regularly will continue to work out at home, even after gyms have reopened.

If you’re a health professional, you can take advantage of this growing trend and a new target audience by starting your own fitness blog. Thanks to the nature of this industry, you’re not restricted to only writing blog posts. In fact, you can create all sorts of content, from workout videos to fitness courses, and one-on-one training sessions or tutorials on proper technique.

Image: Health and Wellness

3. Career Advice:

Many job-seekers look for career guidance, tips, and strategies to help them in their career. If you’ve been a career coach or a consultant in the same field, this might be the best niche to begin with and help your readers through your expertise.

Further, you can write about the latest industry trends in the job industry, profitable skills to learn, career choices, and resume strategies to guide the new entry-level professionals.

Image: career advice

4. Education:

Another niche you must consider is developing an educational blog. According to Statista, the educational industry is expected to reach $2.3 Billion by 2026. You can write about topics included in your expertise to teach school or university students. You may also cover lesson plans, explainers, subjects in the curriculum, higher education, and more.

Your educational blog could also be focused on training adults in teaching. Further, you can cover high-in-demand skills like programming, marketing, creativity, business, and other fields.

Image: Education

5. Food:

Writing a food blog is a rewarding niche for those who enjoy cooking. You can share recipes, give recommendations, and connect with other people who love cooking food. Moreover, discuss restaurant reviews, food trends, and different types of cuisines you like cooking to attract more readers to your blog. Elevate your food photography game to get people hooked on your recipes and gain traffic to your blogs by promoting them on social media platforms. Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for bloggers to enhance visibility and attract followers. Food is an evergreen topic, and one of the most profitable blog niches. It also offers various sub-niches to explore, from quick and easy meals to information on specific diets. One food topic that has become increasingly popular in recent years is home cooking. In fact, in the midst of the pandemic, interest in online cooking classes skyrocketed by over 1,177%. The food niche is very saturated. You’ll find hundreds of blogs offering recipes, meal plans, product reviews, and diet advice. However, this doesn’t mean it’s difficult to break into the market of the food bloggers. You’ll just need to get a bit creative, especially if it’s your first blog, such as by putting your own twist on popular dishes or sharing innovative recipes. Given the visual nature of this topic, you may want to pair your food blog with an image-centric platform, such as Instagram or Pinterest. The latter is a popular resource for recipes. When it comes to monetization, there are various options you can explore. For example, you can partner with food brands and create recipes using their products. If you want to earn a passive income through your blog, you could sell your own printable cook books or give live-streamed cooking classes.

If you want to get started, we have a dedicated guide on how to start a food blog.

Image: Healthy Food

6. Entertainment:

Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in the entertainment industry? If so, this niche might be perfect for beginning your blogging career. Since entertainment is a vast industry, narrowing your interests before determining your niche may make sense.
The niche covers movies, series, music, drama, sports, and more topics within its scope. Share information on the latest releases, your favorite movies, series, and music recommendations to help your readers decide what to watch or listen to next.

Image: Entertainment

7. Gaming:

What if you could use your gaming skills to write a blog? According to Statista, there are approximately 3.24 billion gamers worldwide. As the gaming industry has grown in recent years, your video game blog will attract a huge community of gamers.

In your blog, you could write about the latest video game releases, news, tips and tricks, and your top video game picks for readers. Moreover, you can also help your audience by reviewing new hardware and technology in gaming.

Image: Gaming

8. Finance and Investment:

Finance blogs are about educating your audience on insurance, personal finance, money-saving, and investment. You can write about tips and explainers focusing on various aspects of finances to guide your readers. Additionally, you can help your readers by answering their most frequent questions on finance. So if you have expertise in this domain or closely analyze the financial markets and the economy, you should consider going for this niche. People are always looking for ways to manage their money more effectively. In fact, data by Google shows that mobile searches related to financial planning and management have grown by over 70% in the last two years. The same data also shows that there’s been a significant increase in investing and stock-related app searches. Personal finance can therefore be a lucrative blogging niche. As a financial advisor, you can help people manage their money wisely, whether by saving for retirement or making the right investments.

The FIRE niche (Financial Independence, Retire Early) has also been very popular and will continue to be in 2023 and beyond, with lots of blogs focused on helping people plan and achieve FIRE.

However, if you’re helping people save money and spend responsibly, you may be wondering how you can convince them to make purchases through your blog. The trick is to sell something that can help them make more money in the long run.

In other words, you’ll need to present your product as an investment. For example, you can create an online course on your WordPress blog to help people master the stock market. You could even host webinars or give individual financial advice.

Image: Finance and Investment

9. Digital Marketing:

As more and more businesses realize the importance of having an online presence, learning about digital marketing has become increasingly important. You can guide your readers in various fields in the domain, including social media management, content marketing, copywriting, SEO hacks, blogging, and more. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of digital marketing in today’s business world, even when it comes to small businesses. In 2021, the industry reached a market size of $155.3 billion in the US alone.

Digital marketing covers a broad range of strategies, from search engine optimization (SEO) and email campaigns to social media and influencer marketing. As the eCommerce world continues to grow, more online businesses are seeking the expertise of marketers to help them reach new customers and boost their conversion rates and turn them into blog income.

Whether you have a business degree or consider yourself social media savvy, digital marketing offers a lot of potential. You can narrow down your focus into a micro-niche, such as affiliate marketing or social media management, and turn your blog into a valuable resource regarding a variety of different topics. If you decide to monetize your blog with affiliate programs, you’ll find plenty of relevant products and services to promote. This includes marketing tools, such as SEO plugins and email lists and platforms.

Moreover, you can write about tools and platforms that can make online campaigns easier for digital marketers.

Image: Digital Marketing

10. Lifestyle:

If writing about your daily life sounds exciting for you, lifestyle would be your best niche. You can discuss all your experiences, habits, and interests curated from your everyday routine. Unlike other niches on the list, a lifestyle blog allows you to combine your interests from different areas of your life than having a specific focus.

Share your personal growth stories, experiences, productivity tips, or favorite techniques to inspire your readers to improve their lifestyles. Further, you can share your views on the new product you purchased, a round-up of your favorite accessories, your wardrobe, home renovation techniques, and more.

Image: Lifestyle

11. Design:

Blogging about design is the perfect niche for those who love to share their designs and explain how they came to be. You can narrow it down as per your interests, be it graphic design, fashion design, product design, UI/UX design, and more.

You can share your experiences as a designer, which will be helpful for beginners in the industry to understand design. Moreover, you can feature tutorials on various design tools you use, like Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Figma, and more.


12. Travel:

Travel blogs are fascinating to read. Your readers get to experience a whole new place through your travel stories. If you’re an avid traveler, you can try writing about your experiences, stories, and places you’ve visited to begin your blogging career.

To learn about travel blogging and to discover the journeys of some famous explorers, read these inspiring travel blogs of adventurers who trek the world on foot.

Image: Travelling

13. Pets:

Keeping pets healthy requires the right kind of food, proper attention, and healthcare. If you own a pet or have knowledge and experience with pets, you can consider taking this niche to begin your blogging career. You can also help fellow pet owners like you with your experience.

Further, you can narrow down your blog to write about a specific animal, like dogs or cats, to target a specific set of audiences.


14. Parental:

No one is taught about parenting. It is not uncommon for parents to seek advice and tips that will help them raise their children better. New parents, especially, require a lot of help at their initial stage of parenthood. A parental niche would cover topics for pregnant moms, food and nutrition for newborns, raising children of all ages, activities, and their development.

Image: Parental

15. Blogging and making money online:

Blogging has become so popular in recent years that there’s actually a large blog niche dedicated to helping people break into this industry. In 2020, there were over 31 million bloggers in the US. You’ll also find plenty of blogs that help people make money online. This can involve anything from blogging and freelance writing to working as a virtual assistant or starting your own online business. If you’ve been blogging for a while now, this is one profitable niche you can explore. In recent years, bloggers and influencers have come to play an important role in the digital marketing world. In fact, the global market value of influencer marketing reached 13.8 billion dollars in 2021. With more people exploring blogging as a source of income, you can share your expert tips and advice to help them succeed. You could show them how to write content that converts or drive traffic from social media channels such as Pinterest.

When it comes to monetizing your content, you can start by promoting affiliate products, such as writing courses or SEO tools that can help people grow their blogs. You may even want to consider launching your own blogging course or hosting paid webinars.

Image: Blogging and making money online

16. Personal development and self-care:

Self-care has become a popular trend in recent years. These unusual times have made people more attuned to their mental wellness, leading to a growing interest in personal development and wellbeing.

However, 80% of Americans intend to continue practicing self-care even after the pandemic. Moreover, a recent analysis by Google shows that interest in personal development is no longer a “New Year trend”, and users are continuously searching for queries related to wellness.

If you’re a trained psychologist, a wellness coach, or counselor, you may want to consider delving into the self-care industry. There are a variety of topics you can write about, from morning routines and stress management to mindfulness techniques and journaling.

Image: Personal development and self-care

17. Dating and Relationships:

Relationships are another area of life where people experience many pain points.

In fact, it’s one of the big three. As with health and finance, that makes dating/relationships a great topic for building a profitable blog.

And dating/relationships is a growing industry with no sign of slowing down – the global online dating industry was estimated to reach 2.86 billion USD in 2022, according to Statista.

Image: Dating and Relationships

18. Home Improvement and DIY(do-it-yourself):

The DIY niche has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. Many people confined to their homes during the pandemic have taken up new hobbies in home improvement and DIY. Hence, DIY has become one of the most profitable blog niches. Even better, the DIY niche lends itself well to a mix of instructional guides and affiliate marketing programs. There’s a lot to teach, and a lot to sell. Selling DIY affiliate products fits in naturally with creating how-to guides; with less need to convince the customer to buy. They’ve got a pressing DIY project to finish, so they need the right products right away!

If you enjoy DIY, this might be the niche for you.

Image: Home Improvement and DIY(do-it-yourself)


Blogging can be a lucrative career choice, but choosing the right niche is crucial. This article provides a comprehensive list of the most profitable blog niches, including technology, health and wellness, career advice, education, food, entertainment, gaming, finance and investment, digital marketing, lifestyle, design, travel, pets, parental, and blogging and making money online.

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