Routing Number and Branch Address of Al-Arafah Islami Bank

About Al-Arafah Islami Bank

Islam provides us a complete lifestyle. Main objective of Islamic lifestyle is to be successful both in our mortal and immortal life. Therefore in every aspect of our life we should follow the doctrine of Al-Qur’an and lifestyle of Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) for our supreme success. Al-Arafah Islami Bank started its journey in 1995 with the said principles in mind and to introduce a modern banking system based on Al-Qur’an and Sunnah.

A group of established, dedicated and pious personalities of Bangladesh are the architects and directors of the Bank. Among them a noted Islamic scholar, economist, writer and ex-bureaucrat of Bangladesh government Mr. A.Z.M Shamsul Alam is the founder chairman of the bank. His progressive leadership and continuous inspiration provided a boost for the bank in getting a foothold in the financial market of Bangladesh

A group of 20 dedicated and noted Islamic personalities of Bangladesh are the member of Board of Directors of the bank. They are also noted for their business acumen. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. has 211 branches (upto May 2023) and a total of 4247 employees (upto December 2021). Wisdom of the directors, Islamic bankers and the wish of Almighty Allah make Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. most modern and a leading bank in Bangladesh.


Brief History

With the objective of achieving success here & hereafter by pursuing the way directed by Allah and the path shown by His Rasul (SM), Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd was established (registered) as a private limited company on 18 June 1995. The inaugural ceremony took place on 27 September 1995. Renowned Islamic Scholars and pious businessmen of the country are the sponsors of the Bank. 100% of paid up capital is being owned by indigenous shareholders.

The manpower was 4247 as on 31 December 2021 and the number of shareholders was 19146 as on 31 December 2021. It has achieved a continuous profit and declared a good dividend over the years. High quality customer service through the integration of modern technology and new products is the tool of the bank to achieve success. The bank has a diverse array of carefully tailored products and services to satisfy customer needs.

The Bank is committed to contribute significantly to the national economy. It has made a positive contribution towards the socio economic development of the country with 211 branches of which 25 is AD throughout the country.

Routing Number of Al-Arafah Islami Bank


To be a pioneer in Islami Banking in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the growth of the national economy.


  1. Achieving the satisfaction of Almighty Allah both here & hereafter.
  2. Proliferation of Shariah Based Banking Practices.
  3. Quality financial services adopting the latest technology.
  4. Fast and efficient customer service.
  5. Maintaining high standard of business ethics.
  6. Balanced growth.
  7. Steady & competitive return on shareholders’ equity.
  8. Innovative banking at a competitive price.
  9. Attract and retain quality human resources.
  10. Extending competitive compensation packages to the employees.
  11. Firm commitment to the growth of national economy.
  12. Involving more in Micro and SME financing.


  1. Ours is a customer focused modern Islamic Banking sound and steady growth in both mobilizing deposit and making quality Investment to keep our position as a leading Islami bank in Bangladesh.
  2. To deliver financial services with the touch of our heart to retail, small and medium scale enterprises, as well as corporate clients through our branches across the country.
  3. Our business initiatives are designed to match the changing trade & industrial needs of the clients.


AIBL Routing Number

Here we proving all 211 Branch of AIBL routing number. The table sorted by the first letter of the branch name. The branch address and routing numbers are also given in the table. Hope that, it will be useful to you.

Branch NameAddressRouting Number
Amborkhana BranchHolding#4877,4874 Nabiba Complex
Amborkhana, Sylhet.
Routing No : 015910048
Amin Bazar BranchMA Hossain Tower (1st Floor), Amin Bazar, Savar, Dhaka.Routing No : 015260130
Anderkilla BranchAnderkilla, ChittagongRouting No : 015157630
Anowara BranchChaturi Chowmohani,CUFL Road,Anowara, ChittagongRouting No : 15150837
TEROKHADA BRANCHKatenga Bazar Road, Soudia Market(2nd floor), Terokhada, KhulnaRouting No : 015472652
Ashuganj BranchJalalKhar Building, Jame Mosjid Road, Ashuganj, BrahmanbariaRouting No : 015120104
Araihazar BranchAraihazar, NarayangonjRouting No : 015670041
Ati Bazar BranchManik Plaza, Ati Bazar, Keranigonj,Dhaka-1312.Routing No : 015270346
Jamalkhan BranchJamalkhan, chattogramRouting No : 015150811
Routing No : 015150732
Azampur Branch272, Shah Kabir Mazar Road, Chalabon, Dakkhinkhan, DhakaRouting No : 015261250
Badargonj SME BranchUpazila Road Badargonj, Rangpur 5430Routing No : 015850179
Bahaddarhat Branch4592, Sattar Market, Shah Amanat Shetu Connecting Road, Bahaddarhat, Chattogram.Routing No : 015150790
Baligaon BranchBismillah Plaza(1st Floor), Baligaon Bazar, Tongibari, Munsiganj-1522Routing No : 015590134
Banani Branch (AD)Tower Hamlet (1st Floor & 2nd Floor), 16, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka.Routing No : 015260435
Banaripara BranchFolpotti, Banaripara Bazar, Banaripara, BarisalRouting No : 015060251
Bandar, SME Branch555/1, Wilson Road, Bandar Bazar, Bandar, NarayangonjRouting No : 015670175
Bandartila BranchBandartila Branch,
2638, Airport Road, B. N. S.
Issa Khan Gate, E.P.Z, Chittagong.
Routing No : 015150945
Banglamotor BranchRupayan Trade Center, Holding NO#114, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Ramna, DhakaRouting No : 15270854
Barguna BranchHolding No – 0075, Sadar Road, BargunaRouting No : 015040134
Routing No : 015060280
BARURA BRANCHMadina Market, Hospital Road,
Routing No : 015190497
BASHUNDHARA BRANCHPlot-262 & 263, Road-01, Block-B, Bashundhara Residential Area, DhakaRouting No : 015260556
Bashurhat SME Branch34, Main Road, Bashurhat Powroshava,Companigonj,Noakhali.Routing No : 015750266
Beani Bazar BranchHolding # 825 South Beani Bazar Sylhet.Routing No : 015910314
Benapole BranchPlot No. 283 284, Benapole Bazar,Sharsha, JessoreRouting No : 015410285
Bhagyakul BranchA Rashid Tower, Balasur Chowrasta, Bhagyakul Bazar Road, Sreenagar,
Routing No : 015590318
Bhairab BranchMunshi Bhaban, Kala Potty Mor, Bhairab Bazar, Bhairab, KishoregonjRouting No : 015481243
Bhatiary BranchBhatiary Station, Sitakunda, ChittagingRouting No : 015151210
Bashabo BranchHolding no 7, SP Farida Tower, Bashabo Tampu Stand, Dhaka-1219Routing No :
Bhelanagar BranchRafiqul Islam Shopping Complex(1st Floor),Jailkhanar mor, Bhelanagar,NarshingdiRouting No : 015681393
Bhola BranchJahangir Plaza, Sadar Road, BholaRouting No : 015090100
Bizrabazar BranchBizrabazar, CumillaRouting No : 015190705
Boalkhali BranchBoalkhali, ChattogramRouting No : 015151302
BOGURA BRANCHTalukder Mansion, Borogola. BograRouting No : 015100379
Bormi BranchShahjahan Fakir Bhaban,Barmi Bazar,Sreepur,Gazipur.Routing No : 015330086
Brahmanbaria BranchMosjid Road, Hazi Mansion, Brahmanbaria Sadar, BrahmanbariaRouting No : 015120438
Chambal BranchGreen Sohel Complex, Chambal Bazar, Banshkhali, ChattogramRouting No : 015150574
Chandina BranchChandina, CumillaRouting No : 015192024
Chapainawabganj Branch42/14, Teachers Plaza(1st floor) Baten Khan More, Chapainawabganj Sadar, ChapainawabganjRouting No : 15700258
Maijdee Court BranchID Bhaban (1st & 2nd Floor), Holding No:1453,Maijdee Court-3800,PO:Shudaram,Upazilla:Sadar,Noakhali.Routing No : 015751573
Chawkbazar BranchShazada Market (1st Floor),
178/182 College Road,
Chawkbazar, Chittagong.
Routing No : 015151728
Chowmohoni Branch857-858, Hazipur, Feni Road, Chowmohoni, Noakhali.Routing No : 015750679
Chuadanga BranchMolla tower-2, Hotel Royal blue(1st floor), Shahid alaul islam khokon sarak, VJ school road, chuadanga sadarRouting No : 015180199
Chuknagar BranchChuknagar Bazar,Khulna Road, Dumuria, Khulna.Routing No : 015470559
Companigonj Branch, ComillaCompanigonj Bazar, Muradnagor, Comilla-3542Routing No : 015191425
Cox’s Bazar902,Saykat Tower, East Bazarghat Main Road, Cox’s Bazar.Routing No : 015220259
CUMILLA BRANCH257, 240 Haji Mansion, Monoharpur, Kotwali Comilla 3500Routing No : 015191159
Daxminkhan BranchL.K. Plaza, Daxminkhan Bazar, Daxminkhan,
Routing No : 015260914
Dhanmondi Branch(AD)S. A. Tower, House#54/1, Road# 4/A, (Satmasjid Road), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209Routing No : 015261184
Dilkusha Branch (AD)Miah Amanullah Bhaban 63, Dilkusha C/A (Ground Floor) Dhaka-1000Routing No : 015271903
Dinajpur Branch333, Nimtala,Kotwali,Dinajpur.Routing No : 015280673
Dohazari BranchHazari Tower (1st Floor), Dohazari Pourashava, Chandanaish, Chattogram.Routing No : 015152569
EIDGAH BRANCHKamal Tower, DC Road , Eidgaon Bazar, Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Cox’s Bazar.Routing No : 015220404
ELENGA BRANCHMolla Complex, Holding No: 1386-88, Elenga Bus Stand, Kalihati, TangailRouting No : 015930828
Faridpur Branch15/75, Mujib Sarak, Niltuli, Faridpur.Routing No : 015290526
Feni Branch33-34 S.S.K Road FeniRouting No : 015300524
Firingi Bazar BranchHolding no#211, 220 Kabi Nazrul Islam Sarak
Kotwali, Chittagong
Routing No : 015150932
Fulbaria BranchJoynal Abedin Sarker Plaza, Fulbaria bazar, Fulbaria, Gazipur.Routing No : 015330099
Gallai BranchAbeda Nur Foundation Complex, Gallai,Chandina, Comilla.Routing No : 015192024
Gallamari BranchRaisa Clinic Bhaban(1st floor), 219/1, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Gallamari, KhulnaRouting No : 015470883
GAWSIA BRANCHBhai Bhai Complex, Golakandail,
Bhulta,Rupgonj, Narayangonj.
Routing No : 015670212
Gazipur BranchHolding# K-280, Al-Razi Tower, BIDC Road, (Shibbari Moar), Gazipur Sadar,Gazipur.Routing No : 015330523
Gohira BranchA B M Fazle Karim Chowdhury Auditorium, Gohira Degree College, Gohira, Raozan, ChattogramRouting No : 015153018
Gouripur BranchMa Complex(1st Floor), Gouripur Bazar, Daudkandi, Comilla.Routing No : 015192116
Gulshan Branch(AD)South Breeze Square, 52 (Old) 90 (New) Gulshan Avenue, GulshanRouting No : 015261726
Gulshan Link Road BranchHolding No: 204/B, Tejgaon, Gulshan Link Road , DhakaRouting No : 015260301
Hajigonj BranchHajigonj Tower,762 Hajigonj,
Routing No : 15130886
Halishahar Branch1655, Port Connecting Road(Nayabazar-Biswaroad moor), Halishahar,Chittagong.Routing No : 015153168
Hathazari BranchSalamatullah Bhaban, Kachari Road, Hathazari, Chittagong.Routing No : 015153221
Hatiya BranchMowlovi Sofi Ullah Super Market, Oskhali, Main Road, Hatiya. NoakhaliRouting No : 015751036
Hazaribagh Branch149, Hazaribagh Bazar Dhaka – 1209Routing No : 015261968
Head Office Corporate BranchAIBL Tower, 63 Purana Paltan (Dainik Bangla Mor), Dhaka-1000Routing No : 015272694
Hemayetpur BranchAsha Plaza (1st Floor), Hemayetpur Bus Stand, Hemayetpur, Savar, DhakaRouting No : 015262059
Islampur BranchRowshan Plaza 29-31, Islampur Road, Dhaka-1100Routing No : 015272986
Jamalpur Branch1419, Medical Road, Jamalpur Sadar, JamalpurRouting No : 015390855
Jamgora BranchMolla Tower, Chhaitola Bus Satnd, jamgora, Ashulia, Dhaka.Routing No : 015261263
Jatrabari Branch6 Shahid Faruq Road, West Jatrabari, Dhaka-1204Routing No : 015273222
JASHORE BRANCHShafiullah Complex 27, M.K. Road JessoreRouting No : 015410948
Jhalokathi Branch68, Monohari Patti, Jhalakathi Sadar,Jhalokathi.Routing No : 015420312
Jhaudanga BranchJaman Market (1st floor), Jhaudanga Bazar, Jhaudanga, SatkhiraRouting No : 015870559
Jhenaidah BranchJhenaidah Branch, JhenaidahRouting No : 015440642
Joydebpur Chowrasta BranchShapla Mansion (1st Floor) Chandana Chowrasta, Joydebpur, Gazipur.Routing No : 015330736
Jubilee Road Branch (AD)Kader Plaza 221, Jubilee Road ChittagongRouting No : 015153647
Kadamtoli BranchKadamtoli Branch, 376, D.T.Road, Kadamtoli, Chittagong.Routing No : 015153739
Kalaroa Branch, SatkhiraM.R Foundation Bhaban, Holding No- 583, Kalaroa, Satkhira.Routing No : 015870588
PORADAH BRANCHKhan Super Market 1st floor, Poradah main Road,Poradah, Mirpur, Kushtia.Routing No : 015501365
Kaligonj BranchKaligonj, Keranigonj, DhakaRouting No : 015273464
Kamrangirchar BranchHazi Kamal Super Market,Rasulpur Main Road, Kamrangir Char Dhaka 1211.Routing No : 015273585
Kapashia BranchKapasia Bazar Main Road Kapasia, GazipurRouting No : 015330886
Karnaphuli BranchAnowar city, Charpathorghate, Karnaphuli, ChittagongRouting No : 015150329
Kathgora Bazar BranchSarker Plaza,Dewan Idris Road, Kathgora Bazar, zirabo, Ashulia, Dhaka-1341Routing No : 015260093
Kawran Bazar BranchKawran Bazar Branch, Dhaka Trade Center, 99, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Tejgaon, Dhaka.Routing No : 015262538
Kazirhat BranchMasjid Market(1st Floor), Kazirhat Bazar-8010, Zajira, Shoriothpur.Routing No : 015860419
Keranigonj BranchHaridia Shopping Complex, Kadamtali, Keranigonj,Dhaka-1310.Routing No : 015273648
Khatungonj Branch (AD)146, Chand Meah Lane Khatungonj, ChittagongRouting No : 015154275
Khilkhet BranchB-34/Ka, Khilkhet Super Market, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229Routing No : 015260743
Khulna Branch (AD)A Hossain Plaza 4, Sir Iqbal Road, KhulnaRouting No : 015471545
Kolatia SME Branchkabir plaza, Samserpur, Kolatia Bazar, Keranigonj, Dhaka.Routing No : 015271495
Konapara Branch, DhakaMatuail New Market, Konapara, Demra, DhakaRouting No : 015273743
Kushtia Branch147, N.S.Road, Harun Market, Kushtia Sadar, Khulna.Routing No : 015500940
Kutibazar BranchSiraj Plaza, Kutibazar, Kasba, B.Baria.Routing No : 015121095
Bagerhat BranchBagerhat, KhulnaRouting No :
Laksham BranchAl-Modina Tower, Bank Road, Daulotganj Bazar, Laksham, CumillaRouting No : 015192716
Lakshmipur BrachAkota Super Market,
1310-12, Bazar Main Road,
Routing No : 015510730
Laldighirpar Branch (AD)Reasort Tower, 1795, Laldighirpar Sylhet.Routing No : 015912509
Lalmonirhat Branch225, Fulbari Road, Lalmonirhat Sadar, LalmonirhatRouting No : 015520467
Lichubagan BranchLichubagan, Rangunia, ChattogramRouting No : 015154633
LOUHAJUNG BRANCHLOUHAJUNG, MunshigonjRouting No : 15590855
Madhabdi Branch691-694 Madhabdi Bazar, Madhabdi, NarshingdiRouting No : 015680673
Madhabpur SME Branch265-349, Madhabpur Bazar, Hobigonj-3330Routing No : 015360898
Magura BranchS.M Plaza (1st Floor), 177, M.R Road ( College Road), Magura.Routing No : 015550558
Manda Branch96, North Manda,Sabujbagh, Dhaka-1214Routing No : 015262875
Manikgonj BranchHolding No: 129, Shahid Rafique Road, Manikgonj Sadar, ManikgonjRouting No : 015560614
Masterbari BranchMasterbari, Bhaluka, MymensinghRouting No : 015610151
Mathbaria Branch407 Kapuriapatty,Hatem Ali Plaza,Mothbaria, PirojpurRouting No : 015790521
Matiranga BranchMatiranga, KagrachariRouting No : 015460222
Mirpur BranchApan Angina , Mirpur City Center(2nd floor) ,3/4 Darus-Salam Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.Routing No : 015262983
Mirpur-10 Golchattar Branch9/1 Adarsha School Market(1st Floor), Mirpur-10, Dhaka-1216Routing No : 015263137
Mohadevpur BranchPlot No. 425, Bus Stand, Mohadevpur. NoagaonRouting No : 015641096
Mohakhali BranchArjed Chamber, 13, Mohakhali C/A, DhakaRouting No : 015263195
Mohammadpur Krishi Market Branch8 No Shilpo Plot, Block-C Tajmahal Road (Ring Road), Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207Routing No : 015263379
Mongla Branch19/A, Mongla Port I/A, Mongla, BagerhatRouting No : 015010948
Monirampur BranchJ. N Super Market, Holding No: 03-005-0134, Monirampur, JessorRouting No : 015411518
Motijheel Branch (AD)Rahman Mansion,161, Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000Routing No : 015274247
Motijheel Corporate Branch (AD)125, Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000Routing No : 015271390
Mouchak BranchA.M. Plaza, 76 D.I.T. Road, Malibagh Dhaka 1217Routing No : 015274397
Routing No : 015913445
Moulvi Bazar Branch Dhaka (AD)Al-Shahani Complex
130 Chowk Mogoltuly,
Moulvi Bazar, Dhaka.
Routing No : 015274421
Moulvibazar BranchForhad Plaza, Dhaka-Sylhet Road, Moulvibazar, SylhetRouting No : 015580281
Muradpur Branch59, CDA Avenue, Islam Tower Asian Highway, Muradpur,Panchlaish, Chittagong.Routing No : 015155324
Mymensingh Branch70, Choto Bazar, Kotwali, MymensinghRouting No : 015611750
Nabinagar BranchNabin Super Market, Sadar Road, Nabinagar, Brahmanbaria.Routing No : 015121361
Nalta BranchNalta sharif super market, Nalta, kaligonj, SatkhiraRouting No : 015870054
Nandipara BranchAkkel Ali Shoping Complex,Nandipara Bazar,Basabo, DhakaRouting No : 015274605
Nangalkot BranchHolding No-50, College Road, Nangalkot, Comilla.Routing No : 015193252
Narayangonj Branch71, B.B. Road Delwar Hossain Market DIT, Narayangonj-1400.Routing No : 015671187
Natore BranchHolding No# 0363=01, Kanaikhali Sadar, NatoreRouting No : 015691091
Natun Bazar Baridhara Branch1206 Madani Avenue, Amin Uddin Khandoker Bhaban, Vatara,
Routing No : 015263429
Nawabpur Road Branch (AD)85/87, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka-1100Routing No : 015274726
Nayapur BranchNayapur Bazar, NarayangonjRouting No : 15671224
Netrokona Branch274, Choto Bazar, Main Road, NetrokonaRouting No : 015720733
Mograpara BranchNura Bepari Supar Market, Mograpara Chowrasta, Sonargoan, NarayangonjRouting No : 015671066
New Elephant Road Branch(AD)91, New Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205Routing No : 015263490
DAULATPUR BRANCHDaulatpur, KhulnaRouting No : 015470704
DHAKA 1205
Routing No : 015270546
North South Road Branch (AD)96, Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam Sharani Bangshal, Dhaka-1100.Routing No : 015275112
O.R. Nizam Road Branch943, O.R. Nizam Road (GEC Circle) Nasirabad Chittagong.Routing No : 015155803
Pabna BranchPlot#355, Sonapotti (Parbottigonj),Pabna.Routing No : 015761789
Padua Bazar BranchSeven Star Shopping Complex, Padua Bazar, Lohagara, Chittagong.Routing No : 015150237
Pagla BranchAllhaj Afser Karim Bhaban Taltola, Pagla, Fatulla NarayangonjRouting No : 015671303
Pahartali BranchS.S. Tower (1st Floor) 6103/6882, Sagarika Road, Pahartali, Chattogram.Routing No : 015155924
Nazumia Hat BranchPhone:01615913786
Palashbari BranchKohinoor Super Market 1st Floor,
Bogura-Rangpur Highway,
Routing No : 015321095
Pallabi BranchPlot : 81, Road : 05, Block : A , section- 12, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216Routing No : 015263582
Panchdona SME BranchHira Plaza, Panchdona Chowrasta Moor, Panchdona, Narsingdi.Routing No : 015680860
Panthapath BranchF R Tower,8/C Shukrabad,Panthapath
Routing No : 015263616
Patharghata BranchPatharghata, BorgunaRouting No : 015040671
Patiya BranchHolding No: 2329, Patiya, ChattogramRouting No : 015156165
Khulshi BranchKhulshi, ChattogramRouting No :
Patuakhali Branch95/1, Sadar Road, Thana Para, Patuakhali.Routing No : 015781093
Pekua BranchBahadur Shah Market (1st Floor), Chwmohani, Pekua, Coxs BazarRouting No : 015220059
Pirojpur BranchHolding No: 420, Lawyer Association Building, Post Office Road, PirojpurRouting No : 015790763
Potherhat BranchPotherhat,Noapara, Rauzan, Chittagong 4346Routing No : 15156136
Progati Sarani BranchGa-133/3, Progati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka-1212.Routing No : 015263708
Rahimanagar BranchRahimanagar Bazar, Kachua, ChandpurRouting No : 015131698
Rajbari BranchRajbariRouting No : 015820738
Rajshahi Branch (AD)239,248 Shaheb Bazar, Boalia, RajshahiRouting No : 015811934
Rampal BranchMujibur Rahman,Super Market(1st Floor), Rampal, Munshigonj.Routing No : 015591175
Rampura Branch5/1 Pashchim Chowdhury Para, Rampura, Dhaka-1217Routing No : 015263911
Rangamati BranchKalpotaru Holiday Inn Ltd, Bonorupa, Rangamati Sadar, RangamatiRouting No : 015840521
Rangpur Branch15, Central Road, Payrachattar, Rangpur.Routing No : 015851457
Ruhitpur BranchRuhitpur Bazar, Karanigonj, DhakaRouting No : 15270054
Sreemangal BranchPlot No-1450 Central Road Ruposhpur, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar.Routing No : 015581422
Saidpur Branch (AD)Shahed Dr. Zikrul Hoque Road, Saidpur-5310, Nilphamari.Routing No : 015730794
SAKHIPUR BRANCHBhai Bhai Complex, Kachua Road, SAKHIPUR, TANGAIL.Routing No : 015932200
Satkhira Branch466, S Mawla Plaza, Boro Bazar Sarak, SatkhiraRouting No : 015871095
Shahjadpur BranchChowdhury Plaza, Dariapur Bazar, Shahjadpur, SirajgonjRouting No : 015881906
Shahjalal Uposhahar BranchHolding no#0706-00, road#35, block#D,
Shahalal Uposhhor, Sylhet.
Routing No : 015913258
Shantinagar BranchShan Tower, 1st Floor, 24/1, Chamelibagh, Shantinagar, Dhaka-1217Routing No : 015276340
Shantirhat BranchMir Super Market, Shantirhat ChattogramRouting No : 015157243
SHARANKHOLA BRANCHRayenda Panch Rastar Moar, Sharankhola, BagerhatRouting No : 015011305
Sherpur BranchDhunat Mor, Sherpur, Bogra.Routing No : 015102748
Shiberhat BranchIdris Complex(1st Floor), Shiberhat, Sandwip, Chittagong.Routing No : 015157306
Shyamnagar BranchShyamnagar Branch, Shyamnagar, SatkhiraRouting No : 015871211
Shyamoli Branch13/1 Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka 1207Routing No : 015264307
Signboard BranchHouse #435/1, Block #D, Road #1, Opposite of Mitaly Market (Japani Building) Signboard, NarayanganjRouting No : 015670320
Sitakunda Branch518, Kabir Plaza, DT Road, Sitakunda, ChattogramRouting No : 015157393
Sonargaon Janapath Road BranchPlot-30, Sonargaon Janapath Road, Sector-11, (Chowrasta Mor) Uttara, Dhaka-1230Routing No : 015260080
South Jatrabari BranchHouse 314-A/4, Younus Mansion,South Jatrabari, Dhaka-1204Routing No : 015273248
Station Road BranchHotel Subhan (1st Floor),108, Station Road, Reaz Uddin Bazar
Routing No : 015157519
TANGAIL BRANCH77-78 (Habib Complex), Victoria Rd., TangailRouting No : 015932297
Tantar Bazar SME BranchHazi Lal Mia Market,Tantar Bazar, Akhaura, Brahmanbaria.Routing No : 015121879
Tejgaon BranchFamrose Tower, 159/D, Tejgaon, DhakaRouting No : 015264486
Teknaf BranchTeknaf ,Cox,s BazarRouting No : 015220912
THAKURGAON BRANCH7, Bangobondo Road Chowrasta, ThakurgaonRouting No : 015940971
Uttara Model Town Branch(AD)H#13 R # 14/A Sector-4, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230Routing No : 015264699
Vandaria BranchSalah Al Zobayer Market,Mowlana Abdur Rab Sarak, Kapuria Potty,Bhandaria,Pirojpur.Routing No : 015790134
VIP Road Branch (AD)Ridge Ahmed Square,50/1 Inner Cercular (VIP) Road, Naya Paltan , Dhaka-1000Routing No : 015276858
Zindabazar BranchJalalabad House (1st Floor), Zindabazar Main Road, Sylhet-3100Routing No : 015914152


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