Can break Stark’s record! Which team is looking forward to take Rohit? Let’s see below content. 

Amid speculations that Rohit Sharma may leave Mumbai Indians, discussions have started on which team Rohit will join. Now in Rohit Sharma’s current condition, he will get a chance in any team. In that case, several franchises are ready to take Rohit Sharma in the team. First there is Delhi Capitals, they offered Mumbai to take Rohit.

Image: Rohit Sharma & Hardik Panday as Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma is leaving Mumbai Indians, a report made this claim a few days ago. Various reports claim that Rohit Sharma does not like Hardik Pandya’s captaincy. However, it has not been officially announced whether Rohit will leave Mumbai Indians or not. But if Rohit leaves Mumbai Indians, he will have to stay in this team for the current season, because the team cannot be left in the middle of the season.

After the news that Rohit may leave Mumbai Indians came out, discussion started among Rohit’s supporters that Rohit may leave Mumbai Indians and join which team? There will be a mega auction before the next season. Where each team retains a certain number of players and has to release the remaining players. So far, the number of players retained is four, but it may increase this time. But whatever the numbers, Rohit Sharma could turn his back on Mumbai and enter the mega auction.

Which team can take Rohit Sharma for next IPL ?

Punjab Kings

Shikhar Dhawan is at the end of his career. He is 38 years old. Now he doesn’t get chance in any cricket except IPL. As a result, it is believed that Punjab may shift him to a new captain next season. In that case, no one can be a better option than Rohit. Rohit has more experience in terms of captaincy in IPL than Dhawan. So, it will be possible to see Rohit Sharma as Punjab Kings Captain.

Image: Punjab Kings Flag

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals offered Rohit Sharma ahead of 2024 IPL. But Mumbai did not respond. As a result, they will rush to get Rohit in the mega auction. Experience is very much needed in Delhi which is full of youngsters. Which Delhi can only get from Rohit. So, Time will be say if Rohit Sharma play for Delhi Capitals or not.

Image: Delhi Capitals Flags

Gujarat Titans

After Hardik’s exit, Shubman Gill is now the leader of Gujarat Titans. But Shubman, who stepped down to captain for the first time, has no guide. As a result, he is facing problems to make important decisions in the match. As a result they can take Rohit. In this case, Gill will play for a few days under the leadership of Rohit and then Gill will be able to become the captain. As a result, Rohit can take Gill by the hand, which he does in the national team.

Image: Gujarat Titans Flags

But what do you think, if Rohit leaves Mumbai Indians, which team will jump to take him? Or which franchise would you like to see Rohit play for? Lets wait and see what will happened next.

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