Only NTRCA recommended teachers will get transfer opportunity

Not those appointed through committee. Only after the examination conducted by NTRCA, the teachers are going to get the opportunity of transfer after receiving the recommendation for appointment and MPO. In this regard, the Ministry of Education has formulated a draft of ‘MPO Teacher Transfer Policy 2024’. According to the sources of the Ministry of Education, the matter will be finalized after the upcoming holy Eid-ul-Fitr.

There are about 550,000 MPO teachers and staff across the country. The teachers and staff under MPO get the main part of the pay scale and some allowances as fixed by the government. Since 1995 there has been discussion and formulation of policy, but currently there is no system for transfer of private teachers. MPO teachers have to start working in an institution and retire from there. Once upon a time, private educational institutions used to hire teachers and staff entirely on their own initiative. But now recruitment to these posts is available through selection and superimposed examination conducted under the Centrally Autonomous Organization NTRCA. Earlier a registration certificate was issued after passing this test. Then the concerned organization used to appoint through a separate recruitment test through the committee. However, from 2015 AD, it has been changed to that place and now according to the application, the NTRCA institute fixes and recommends.

According to the sources of the Ministry of Education, there are more than one lakh such teachers. The argument of the ministry is that since these teachers have been appointed on the recommendation of NTRCA, i.e. in the institutes fixed by the government, so for now only their matter has been taken into consideration for transfer. As the other teachers who were appointed through private committee and later under MPO have been appointed in institutions of their choice, they have not been considered for transfer for the time being.
According to the draft policy, only the teachers who have been appointed on the recommendation of the NTRCA from the first public notification will get the opportunity to transfer. This policy will be applicable for transfers in Samapada and Samaskala. Transfer applications will be processed between October 16 and December 15 every year.

The Director General of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education will invite, receive and dispose of the applications for transfer of teachers under MPO. If necessary, he can delegate this power to subordinate offices. The entire process of transfer will be done through the software. Maushi will develop transfer application form and software.
The draft policy says, ‘After the transfer order is issued, the teachers will submit the joining letter to the head of the transferred institution. Then the institution will accept the joining letter and notify the district education officer. In view of the transfer, the pay, other financial benefits and continuity of seniority of the MPO (Government Section) will be maintained.

In the case of this transfer, the one who is working further away from the permanent address mentioned in the NTRCA application will get priority for transfer. However, female teachers-employees can be transferred to their husband or own permanent address. If more than one person is interested in the same post after transfer, the application will be considered on the basis of NTRCA’s merit order, seniority and distance of work place from permanent address. Those teachers who complete two years of service after being appointed, can apply for transfer. If both the candidates agree to the mutual transfer application, the transfer will be considered. However, no application for transfer will be entertained unless the post is vacant.

The draft policy also provides some cautionary guidelines for this transfer. In this regard, it is said in the draft policy, “The application for transfer cannot be claimed as a right or privilege.” Recommending any person, group, organization for transfer shall be considered as a disciplinary offence. A teacher transferred for transfer will not get any allowance. The principal of the concerned educational institution shall ensure the release of the transferred teacher within seven days of issuing the order of transfer. Otherwise, the teacher transferred on the eighth day shall be deemed to be immediately dismissed. And it should be accepted within seven days of giving the joining letter.

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