Neymar agreed to Al Hilal’s offer of 160 Million!

Neymar agreed to Al Hilal’s offer of 160 million!

The speculation had persisted for an extended period. Neymar Jr. expresses his desire to depart from the French club PSG. The likelihood of his departure from France intensified. Al Hilal, a Saudi Arabian club, has presented Neymar with a lucrative offer of 160 million euros, which the Brazilian forward has accepted.

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According to a report from the French media outlet “Lequip,” it has been stated that Saudi club Al Hilal is interested in signing Neymar on a two-year contract. During this period, Neymar is expected to earn approximately 160 million euros. Now that Neymar has given his agreement, further negotiations will take place between PSG and Al Hilal.

Earlier, Italian sports journalist Fabrizio Romano mentioned that Al Hilal has entered the transfer market in pursuit of Neymar, following Barcelona’s interest. The club has also officially presented an offer to Neymar Sr., who is both the Brazilian star’s father and agent.

However, the exact amount that the Saudi club is willing to pay Neymar, if the contract is signed, remains unknown. Romano has described the proposed amount as being extremely high, making it a difficult offer to turn down.

On the other hand, a report from the French media outlet ‘RMC Sports’ suggests that Neymar’s departure from PSG is only a matter of time. The club’s coach, Luis Enrique, and sporting director, Luis Campos, have reportedly informed Neymar that he is not part of their plans for the upcoming season, effectively showing him the exit door.

Meanwhile, PSG has continued without Neymar, citing his recovery from a viral syndrome as the reason for his absence. Neymar has been undergoing gym training during this time. However, behind the scenes, there seems to be a brewing storm of discontent.

The French media has also reported that after several hours of discussions, both PSG and Al Hilal have reached an agreement on the transfer. Neymar himself has given his approval to the offer. If this deal goes through, Neymar will be reunited with his former teammate, Marco Verratti, at Al Hilal.

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Meanwhile, Barcelona has come to get Neymar before Al Hilal. According to RMC, Neymar wants to join the team and send him to Barca Al Hilal on loan for a year. Because the Catalan club does not have enough money to buy Neymar now. But they are looking forward to taking Neymar. For this reason, Barca can even make a loan deal with Al Hilal.

Neymar agreed to Al Hilal’s offer of 160 million!

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