Combining career and personality

Combining career and personality

Choosing your right career is really a very complicated task. Because with the change of time, age and surrounding conditions, one’s thoughts also change. Moreover, as the scope of our knowledge increases, when we become familiar with a subject, something new is desired. So as life goes on, career thinking is also constantly changing as you grow older. However, it is not possible to sit with this changing situation all the time. One has to choose something specific. However, this election must be accurate and timely. See if your chosen career reflects your personality and all your aspirations. Hope the suggestions discussed below will help you find the right career.

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Reconcile Career and Personality:

You may have chosen a career that conflicts with your personality. It may also happen that you behave in a way that doesn’t really reflect your beautiful personality in any way.
So it is very important to create your own personality and choose a career that matches it. For example, you may have been bashing private NGOs all your life, but once you joined an NGO yourself. Surely the incident will be funny to others. Again, maybe you work in a government institution with very little responsibility and a low position, but you present yourself like a high-ranking government official. It must be funny.
So one’s personality should be compatible with the career. Otherwise you will be a laughing stock to your friends and neighbors.

Take help of acquaintances:

There is no harm in taking help of relatives or acquaintances to choose your good career. Connect with people among relatives or acquaintances who are already engaged in good profession. Take advice from them. Even if you prefer, request them to give you a chance to work in their company. There are many organizations that require a large number of people or the organization is very small, which do not recruit new employees through traditional recruitment notices. Such institutions can be joined by the hands of acquaintances. It makes it possible to choose a career with peace of mind.

Not only desire for high position and high salary:

It is not right to join any organization just because of desire for high position or high salary. Because climbing to the top is not the only career destination. A good career means the assurance of being happy and comfortable in work and personal life.
There are many professions where one can rise to the top very quickly, but it makes it impossible to give time to one’s family. So choose your career considering all aspects, so that career as well as personal life is beautiful.

A career is a marathon, not a 100m track:

Career is not a 100m race that starts and ends very quickly. It is like running a long marathon, covering a long distance over a long period of time. Enjoy every moment of your career instead of trying to rise fast with this passion.

There will be ups and downs in career. There is no guarantee that everything will go according to your plan. Even the most guaranteed job can disappear in one morning. You may suddenly be jobless or a major career setback may occur. Again, it may be that you have been able to improve much more than you expected. It is not possible to tell in advance what will actually happen. Don’t be restless during the ups and downs. Be patient and enjoy every moment of career.
But take the long, certain and positive path as far as possible in choosing a career. Better if sure this path is the exception than all the others. Although it is impossible to say exactly what will happen 20 years from now, it is better to think long term.
Again choosing a particular profession with a lot of thought does not mean that you have to do it for the rest of your life. If you want you can change career by understanding the situation. Because the surrounding and all the environment is as it is now, after 10 years it will definitely not be like that. Then you can change your career if you want. But surely it should increase your happiness, comfort and respect.

In fact, there are many aspects to consider in choosing a good career. But the most important thing is to have a good sense of self. If one chooses a career wisely with proper consideration, one can surely be happy with that career.

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