After Messi Mbappe wants MLS!

After Messi Mbappe wants MLS!


File Photo : Qatar World Cup Vs Mexico

Inter Miami began to dream of bringing Lionel Messi since it was included in Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2018. At first it seemed like a ‘sky’s fantasy’ but it turned out to be true. Messi, who seemed ‘impossible’ to see Inter Miami in 2018, is now playing for Inter Miami in the MLS.

Just playing and bringing a new revolution in American football. Football was known as ‘soccer’ in the country and people had little interest in the game. It was also at number 4 in the popularity list. But Messi’s arrival changed the whole scenario. In just two months, American football has entered a new era under Messi’s hand. Advertising, sponsorship, field games and broadcasting—new horizons have opened everywhere.

However, the MLS authorities do not want to stop there. After the arrival of Messi, the scope of their dreams has also increased a lot. Their eyes are now on Kylian Mbappe, one of the best football stars of the moment.

At the moment, Mbappe playing in the MLS may seem impossible. But after the arrival of Messi, nothing is impossible or unrealistic anymore. So even MLS Commissioner Don Gerber’s dream is not ‘luxurious’. Because they have already made the impossible possible. In a recent interview, Gerber said that MLS will be more “ambitious and innovative” in coming up with attractive offers for Mbappe.

“David Beckham was the only one,” said the MLS commissioner, who is optimistic about bringing Mbappe to the MLS. Lionel #Messi is one. But who knows, Mbappe might want to come here too and our MLS team will do something fancy for Mbappe. “MLS is always optimistic and wants to do something new.”

File Photo : Kylian Mbappe of France during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Even if MLS wants to bring Mbappe, it can be said that it is not very fast. The World Cup-winning French star is desperate to secure his future in Europe at the moment. His contract renewal with PSG is also going on. Mbappe wants to move to a new destination after another season at PSG. But PSG does not want to leave Mbappe for free after one season. In this gap, Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal has brought an offer of 300 million euros for him. But the French striker who won the World Cup directly rejected that offer.

But if he doesn’t stay at PSG in the end, #Mbappe can leave PSG and go to Real Madrid this time. In the meantime, French media outlet Lequip reported that Real will come forward with an offer to buy him only if Mbappe openly talks about leaving PSG. But wherever Mbappe’s fate takes him, it is certain that it will be in Europe for now. He is yet to win European football’s most prestigious trophy, the Champions League. So MLS will have to wait a little longer to get Mbappe.

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