Higher secondary pass job seeking men and women aged 18 to 35 years will get the training opportunity of this project.

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The government has taken an initiative to train 28 thousand 800 youth in 3 years with the aim of earning foreign exchange by freelancing training to the unemployed youth. For this, the government will implement a project at a cost of about 300 crores. The Directorate of Youth Development under the Ministry of Youth and Sports wants to complete it by December 2026. It is named as ‘Employment creation project through freelancing training of educated job-seeking youth in 48 districts of the country’.

It is being presented for final approval at the new government’s first National Economic Council Executive Committee (ECNEC) meeting on Tuesday. According to the proposal, 100% of the expenditure will be provided from the government’s own funds. The meeting is likely to be held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the NEC conference room in Sher Bangla Nagar of the capital.

An official said, under the project, training courses of 3 months duration or 600 hours will be conducted in 48 districts. 600 students will be trained in each district. Four batches of 50 people will get this training in a year. They will be given a cash allowance of Tk 200 and food of Tk 300 per day.

Aspirants should have basic knowledge of computers.

An officer related to the Socio-Social Infrastructure Department of the Planning Commission said that men and women who have passed higher secondary education and are between the ages of 18 and 35 will get the opportunity to train in this project. He said, “Outsourcing will be taught in the country with the aim of foreign exchange income.”

Head of the Department of Economic and Social Infrastructure of the Planning Commission  Abdur Rauf said, “6 thousand 400 people are being trained in 16 districts through a similar project. The project started in 2022 will end in December this year. Now the remaining 48 districts have been added.”

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How to get admission for this project: 

Online notification will be published for admission in each batch. Interested trainees can apply online. Qualified candidates will be selected through a selection test.

There will be a central question bank for selection of trainees under the scheme. Questions will be updated for each batch. For this renewal, a committee of three members will be formed with the director of the youth development department as the president and the project director as the member secretary.

At the district level, a 5-member committee with the Deputy Director of the Youth Development Department as the President and the Assistant Director as the Member Secretary will conduct the trainee selection process.

What will the training include? :

An official of the Planning Commission said that 8 subjects will be taught by hand to make the trainees skilled freelancers. He said, “The main purpose of creating freelancing is to connect with various individuals or organizations in developed countries including Europe, America and make them work online. Therefore, first of all, you need to acquire the skills to communicate in English. So this training will consist of a basic English teaching course suitable for freelancing. “Also computer office applications, how to freelancing, graphics design, video editing, digital marketing, freelancing training through smartphones and soft skills training will be provided to the trainees.”

For this every district will have 2 well equipped labs with 25 computers and high speed internet. 25 trainees will be trained in each lab. A project is running in 16 districts of the country to create freelancers from June 2022 under the Directorate of Youth Development. A total of 6,400 people are being trained in freelancing in these projects at a cost of 47 crore 50 rupees. The project is scheduled to be completed by June. 813 or 64 percent of the trainees are already earning income. 21 percent joined various jobs.

As of October 2023, the trainees have been earned $477,000.

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